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Ombré Powder Brows

Fundamentals & Beginners Training

Ombré Powder Brows is a highly popular permanent makeup technique involving using a small cosmetic tattoo machine to create a soft powdery effect on the eyebrows to correct thin, sparce, or even non-existing brows. Unlike Microblading, which involves creating individual hair strokes that cut deep into the skin causing a lot of trauma, the Ombré Powder Brows technique, is much less invasive on the skin, resulting in a softer and more natural looking makeup-like look that heals beautifully!

Average Service Time: 2 - 3 hours

Average Service Price: $400 - $600 per client

Average Realistic Potential Earnings:

1 client per week @ $500 = $2,000/month

2 clients per week @ $500 = $4,000/month

3 clients per week @ $500 = $6,000/month

4 clients per week @ $500 = $8,000/month

5 clients per week @ $500 = $10,000/month

Your earnings early in your PMU career is dependent on how many clients you take on per day and how many days a week you plan to work. I want to be transparent because I see a lot of unrealistic numbers circulating in the industry and in doing so, I want my students to understand that everyone starts at humble beginnings. Even so, it’s still great money that you’re earning while being your own boss and building a lucrative business in the beauty industry!

Length of course:

2 Days (Weekends)

Class Size:

2 Max.



Introductory pricing for a limited time only!


$500 non-refundable deposit to reserve seat.


Life happens! Please contact me at least 48 hours prior to the first day of your class for your deposit to be deferred to a future class one time. If notification is not received at least 48 hours prior, you will forfeit the full deposit amount. No exceptions. Please note, I cannot guarantee class availability as space is very limited. It is on a first come, first serve basis.


All models are required to complete a Consent/Waiver Form. No exceptions. Students are also responsible for bringing their own brow model to their 2nd day of training. There is a $100 charge if you need me to search for a model for you.


You must be 18 years of age or older to register for training.

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Perfect for all aspiring artists

with or without PMU experience.

Esmia Academy aims to provide a

calm & safe space for everyone to

learn at their own pace . . .

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My Ombré Powder Brows course emphasizes plenty of hands-on training, which I believe is lacking in the industry today. While theory is crucial in understanding the fundamentals, from my experience, students benefit from more hands-on practice and personalized guidance tailored to their individual learning needs. As a Nurse/Health Care Educator with years of clinical teaching experience, I value the impact of quality and in-depth training provided by a skilled instructor. I am excited to share all my knowledge, skills, and personal tips that have enriched my own PMU journey. I look forward to meeting you and witnessing your success!

Class Content


(10AM — 4PM)

Brow & Skin Anatomy

Health & Safety

Infection Control

Colour Theory

Mapping Technique

Practice On Latex Skin

Precare & Aftercare


(10AM — 4PM)

Work Field Setup

Live Model Demo

Insider Tips


Photo & Editing

Business Operations


Premium Kit


Tattoo Pen

Alcohol Wipes

Numbing Cream

& Healing Cream


PMU Needles


& Ink Cups


Brow Spoolies

Sponge Brushes

Practice Skins




Ready to take your first step?

Send me an email telling me a bit about yourself; to help me get to know you and what you envision your PMU journey will be. Please include the following in your email:

1. Full Name

2. Date of Birth

3. Phone Number

4. Mailing Address

5. Do you have any PMU artistry experience?

6. Have you taken any previous PMU courses/training? If so, please ensure to attach any/all relevant certificate(s) to your email.

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